Heart of Illinois
United Way

About Us

Founded in 1921, the Heart of Illinois United Way brings together people from business, labor, government, health and human services to address our community's needs. Money raised through the Heart of Illinois United Way campaign stays in our community funding programs and services in Marshall, Peoria, Putnam, Stark, Tazewell and Woodford Counties.

Our Mission

To increase the organized capacity of the people in central Illinois to care for one another.

Our Vision

To create a strong, safe and healthy community while providing the best return for the community's charitable investment.

Our Core Values

The Heart of Illinois United Way is:

An Open and Accountable Community Leader
HOIUW is committed to responsibly and sensibly managing our organization and the funds entrusted to us. Our funding practices are fair, reasonable and appropriate to our mission. While operating with a level of integrity that inspires the highest level of trust, HOIUW maintains a standard of excellence and accountability by fairly and accurately disclosing information.

Respectful and Inclusive
HOIUW treats our investors, community partners and stakeholders with the highest level of respect while striving to be a model of diversity, fairness, teamwork and collaboration. From recipients of agency services, to our donors, staff and families, board of directors and volunteers, HOIUW recognizes the dignity, uniqueness, and intrinsic worth of every person in our community.

Proactive at Advancing the Common Good
HOIUW is the leader in a process that reinforces community stability while moving forward to create lasting change. Creativity and innovation are instrumental to how we continually evaluate and respond to community needs. Underneath everything we are, underneath everything we do, we are all people – connected, interdependent, united. It is not about helping just one person at a time, but more about how, united, we can change systems that help us all.

An Advocate for Volunteerism
HOIUW is a volunteer driven organization that depends upon thousands of volunteers annually to reinforce and move our mission and vision forward. This vibrant, competent and diverse group is one of our most powerful forms of philanthropy. Through community volunteerism and leadership, HOIUW is mobilizing a dedicated, united team of advocates working to advance the common good and create positive, lasting community change.

Communities We Serve

The Heart of Illinois United Way brings the people and resources of central Illinois together to address critical health and human care needs in our community.
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Download the 2016-2017 Community Impact Report

Community Impact Report

Download the 2016-2017 Report... PDF 5mb

Heart of Illinois United Way Board of Directors

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Heart of Illinois United Way Finance Committee

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Heart of Illinois United Way Staff

Michael Stephan, President

Pam Balfanz, Executive Assistant

Cheryl Bartelt, Finance Assistant

Pamela Biles, Data Management Coordinator

Andrea Bowers, Success By 6 Program Coordinator

Mary Brown, VP of Finance and Administration

Colleen DiGiallonardo, Leadership Giving Manager

Gina Edwards, VP of Marketing & Communications

Amy Flynn, VP of AFL-CIO Community Services

Nicole Frederick, VP of Community Investment

Nancy Hinnen,Success By 6 Project Coordinator

Jill Koch, Outcome Specialist

Jan Leonard, S3 (Supporting Student Success) Project Coordinator

Kevin Nowlan, Continuum of Care Director

Stephen Peterson, VP of Resource Development

Blaire Sambdman, Campaign Manager

Lauri Shoemaker, Resource Development Manager

Lisa Wakeley, Campaign Information Coordinator