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Community Impact Fund Grants

2017 — 2018 Education-Related Grants Funded by the Community Impact Fund
Quality education helps youth and adults achieve their full potential

American Red Cross: Youth Preparedness Program
This program provides education to all ages of children about preparedness, safety, and disaster topics.

Big Brothers Big Sisters: Youth Mentoring Program
Through the one-on-one lunch buddies and community-based programs, Big Brothers Big Sisters pairs an at-risk student with an adult mentor to foster better habits in school and throughout life.

Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Peoria: Youth Development: Tutoring and Mentoring
Focusing on extremely at-risk students, the Boys and Girls Clubs provides free tutoring and mentoring to those who would be otherwise unable to afford it.

Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Peoria: Summer Camp
This summer camp for at-risk kids provides them with care over the summer, while teaching campers healthy life skills that lead to positive behavior change.

W.D. Boyce Council, Boy Scouts of America: Career Skills Development
This program works with youth ages 11-17 to earn Merit Badges in 16 different career areas, including aviation, chemistry, and energy.

W.D. Boyce Council, Boy Scouts of America: Life Skills 101
This program is designed to stimulate discussion while gaining self-respect and leadership skills, learning the dangers of drug use and abuse, and learning ethical values, caring skills, citizenship, responsibility, and service to others.

W.D. Boyce Council, Boy Scouts of America: Traditional Scouting
Traditional Scouting provides an opportunity for youth to learn life skills, build self-reliance, choose between right and wrong decisions, gain leadership skills, and develop their full potential.

Children’s Home Association of Illinois: Teen Reach
This after-school program provides a safe, stimulating environment during out-of-school hours, seeking to improve academic achievement, provide life skills education, and to prevent risk-taking behaviors.

Children’s Home Association of Illinois: Art of Parenting
The goal of this program is to develop healthy parent-child relationships to reduce the risk of child abuse/neglect through providing evidenced-based parent groups focusing on positive, non-violent discipline while reuniting families and addressing past trauma and family disruptions.

Children’s Home Association of Illinois: Good Beginnings
Good Beginnings focuses on young, at-risk parents, providing them with intensive, long-term home visiting and parent education, reducing child abuse/neglect and promoting healthy child development.

Common Pace: Focused on the Future After-School Program
Common Place’s after school program provides a safe environment where academically and socially disadvantaged children gain academic and life skills to become positive members of society.

Common Place: Comprehensive Adult Literacy Program
CALP enables adult learners to become self-reliant by increasing their literacy and numeracy skills.

Crittenton Centers: Child Development Center
Crittenton's Child Development Center provides affordable, nurturing, educational day care services for parents who are working or in school and cannot afford childcare, with the goal of Kindergarten readiness.

Crittenton Centers: Family Services
This multi-tiered approach to educating and supporting parents helps new and struggling parents to learn interpersonal skills, parenting skills, and self-sufficiency skills.

Easter Seals Central Illinois: Autism Learning Center
The Autism Learning Center will enable children with Autism Spectrum Disorder to learn pre-academic and social skills with the long-term goal of kindergarten readiness.

FamilyCore: After School and Summer Program
This program offers vital services like tutoring, mentoring, and social skills training to at-risk children while they can’t be in school, helping the students thrive and easing the burden of childcare on their parents.

Peoria Friendship House of Christian Service: A.C.E.S. Program (Youth Education Program)
This summer and after school program offers tutoring services, prevention/intervention life skills, and leadership classes to at-risk students who would otherwise not be able to afford such activities.

Peoria Friendship House of Christian Service: A.C.E.S. Program (Case Management and Parent Support)
In conjunction with the program for students, this program aids parents in learning vital parental skills through identifying problem areas and setting goals to overcome these obstacles, all in an effort to break the cycle of poverty.

George Washington Carver Association: Community Based Skills USA Program
A partnership of students, instructors, and industry working together to ensure America has a skilled workforce; this program provides leadership, teamwork, citizenship, and character development to at-risk students who live below the poverty line.

George Washington Carver Association: Families First- A Strengthening Families Program
An evidence-based approach that addresses parenting skills and behavior change through education and forums, with the ultimate goal of increasing knowledge of parenting and child development.

Greater Peoria Family YMCA: Teen REACH
Teen REACH prepares students for college or post-high school education, and enables them to become respectable community citizens.

Neighborhood House Association: Life- Learning Is For Everyone
The LIFE Program provides accessible child care to at-risk impoverished children, creates a structured environment to promote learning success for all ages, and encourages parents to play an active role in their child’s education.

The Salvation Army Heartland Division: Child Care Center
The Child Care Center provides an affordable and supportive early childhood educational environment for at-risk children who, because of their home and community environment, are subject to language, cultural, economic, and other disadvantages.

Tri-County Urban League: Youth Achievement Matters
This program provides academic tutoring, college and career counseling, and community service/work experience for at-risk youth in our community.

Tri-Country Urban League: Teens Organized for Pride and Success (TOPS)
Through prevention and education sessions, the TOPS program aims to prevent teen pregnancy and negative behaviors, equip youth to make good life decisions, and help youth to learn and apply life skills that will reduce the risk factors in their lives.

Tri-County Urban League: Parent-Child Education Center
This program provides children with a safe, affordable, and healthy learning environment to assist children in the development of social-emotional skills, literacy, and math skills resulting in Pre-K success.

Tri-County Urban League: Family Visitation, Habilitation, and Parenting Program
This program aims to build strong families through teaching parents life skills, supervising visitations with their children to model parent interaction and techniques, and assisting with safe housing, employment, and/or budgeting techniques for low-income, at-risk families.

2017 — 2018 Financial Stability-Related Grants Funded by the Community Impact Fund
Financial stability promotes independence helping individuals, families and seniors

American Red Cross: Service to Armed Forces
This program provides vital communication between service members and their families in the event of an emergency crisis situation and provides emergency financial assistance to military families.

American Red Cross: Disaster Services
The American Red Cross is oftentimes the first organization on the scene of a local disaster in order to meet clients’ immediate needs, including food, clothing, shelter, health services, and mental health services.

CASA of Peoria County: Court Appointed Special Advocates
CASA provides abused and neglected children with a court appointed advocate to fight for them in court and to get them into a safe and stable home as soon as possible.

The Center for Prevention of Abuse: Safety for Families Fleeing Domestic Violence
This shelter program provides immediate safety and stability to families who are homeless due to domestic violence, and provides clients with comprehensive case management to increase self-sufficiency.

The Center for Prevention of Abuse: Court Advocacy Services
This program ensures victims seeking Orders of Protection receive domestic violence education, information about victim’s rights, and assistance with petitioning the courts through Orders of Protection.  

The Center for Prevention of Abuse: Adult Protective Services
An often overlooked population of abuse victims is the elderly and disabled, which the CFPA aids through this program.

The Center for Youth and Family Solutions: New Day Senior In-Home Counseling and Support Services
Through in-home interventions, the Center provides seniors with affordable and available mental healthcare to reverse the growing trend of mental illness in the elderly, and to allow these seniors to live independently as long as possible.

Children’s Home Association of Illinois: Homeless Youth Services
Homeless Youth Services provides a continuum of care to youth 18-21 years old who are experiencing homelessness or are at immediate risk for homelessness through up to 2 years of individualized, strengths-based programming.

Community Workshop and Training Center: Employment Readiness and Retention
CWTC promotes self-reliance in adults with disabilities through the successful development of employment skills, obtaining job placement, and increasing job retention. 

Community Workshop and Training Center: Home-Based Life Skills
The Home-Based Life Skills program provides individual and group training to assist individuals with disabilities in becoming more independent in many key areas of life.

Crittenton Centers: Crisis Nursery
The Crisis Nursery provides childcare 24 hours per day/365 days per year for families facing crisis and/or parental stress, ensuring children have a safe, nurturing environment in which to stay.

EP!C Peoria: Community Job Placement
Assisting individuals with profound disabilities, this program teaches essential job-seeking skills, such as mock interviews, resume writing, and provides individuals with a hands-on job coach.

Peoria Friendship House of Christian Service: FH/ACES Education and Support Services
This comprehensive program coordinates finding access to affording housing, finding employment, maintaining independence, adult education, and providing case management to help families end the cycle of poverty.

Habitat for Humanity: Project HOPE
The goals of the HOPE (Homeowners Preparedness and Education) program are to educate partner families on how to become successful homeowners and to encourage positive behavior changes while their homes are being built

Neighborhood House Association: Meals on Wheels
In an effort to help the elderly and disabled continue to live independently, Meals on Wheels delivers regular, nutritious meals as well as regular social contact to resident unable to shop for themselves.

Prairie State Legal Services: Medical/Legal Advocacy for Client Wellness
Working to strengthen families and household members with disabilities and serious medical impairments, this program provides civil legal assistance and assists families in accessing public benefits to provide for their basic needs.

Prairie State Legal Services: Coordinated Problem Resolution
This program provides free in-office legal services to at-risk individuals and families with an emphasis on single-parent families and limited-English speaking individuals, focusing on protecting the basic human needs of physical safety, shelter, and income.

The Salvation Army Heartland Division: Pathway of Hope
The Salvation Army is helping men, women, and children break the cycle of poverty, moving families from their repeat experience with crisis and vulnerability onto the path of increasing stability and eventual self-sufficiency.

The Salvation Army Heartland Division: Day Drop-in Center
The Day Drop-in Center works to combat homelessness in our community by serving as a clearing-house for coordinating access to a wide variety of community resources and services like case management, education, and financial assistance.

The Salvation Army Heartland Division: Shelter Services
The Shelter Services program, which includes an Emergency Family Shelter and Safety Net overnight shelter for men, provides temporary lodging, meals, and essential services in order to assist homeless individuals and families.

South Side Office of Concern: Community Support Services
Serving low income adults with mental illness, this program provides a variety of mental health treatment services to help individuals live healthy lives and avoid homelessness.

South Side Office of Concern: Glendale Commons
The Glendale Commons provides affordable, permanent housing with on-site support services to the homeless, disable, impoverished residents, helping these residents to increase their stability, income, and self-sufficiency.

South Side Office of Concern: New Hope Apartments
The New Hope Apartments provides affordable, permanent housing with on-site support services to the homeless, disable, impoverished residents, helping these residents to increase their stability, income, and self-sufficiency.

Tazewell County Resource Centers: Employment Services Program
TCRC’s Employment Services Program supports individuals with disabilities, helping them to obtain and maintain employment.

Tazewell County Resource Centers: Residential
This program provides housing for low-income, developmentally disabled individuals with 24-hour care in community homes promoting residential independence.

Tri-County Urban League: Employment
The Employment Department provides employment services (job readiness workshops, mock interviews, etc.) and the Men’s Closet to teach men appropriate workplace attire, as well as teaches clients financial literacy skills.

We Care Inc.: Meals on Wheels
The Meals on Wheels program provides low-to no-cost home delivered meals to seniors, persons with disabilities, and those recovering from illness in order that they may remain independent.

We Care Inc.: Food Pantry
To help combat hunger in our community, the food pantry provides food and personal items to low income households.

We Care Inc.: Special Transportation
To address the need for special transportation services in our area, this program helps seniors get to medical appointments, the grocery store/food pantry, and individuals with disabilities get to local workshops and rehab.

2017 — 2018 Health-Related Grants Funded by the Community Impact Fund
Prevention, intervention and education lead to health and wellness at all ages

W.D. Boyce Council, Boy Scouts of America: Nutrition Achievement
Through teaching youth how to plan, cook, and shop for balanced meals, this program focuses on the relationship between proper nutrition and good health in order to combat the growing rates of obesity.

Boys & Girls Clubs: Back Pack/Healthy Habits
In order to ensure youth are able to eat full, nutritious meals over the weekend when they aren’t fed at school or at after school programs, this two-pronged program teaches kids how to plan a healthy meal, and then sends them home on the weekend with a backpack full of healthy meals and snacks.

The Center for Prevention of Abuse: Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Intervention/Prevention
The only rape crisis center in the tri-county area, the Center for Prevention of Abuse works to provide sexual assault and domestic violence victims with emergency intervention, as well as short- and long-term counseling.

The Center for Prevention of Abuse: Building Safe Relationships
With bullying on the rise, The Center for Prevention of Abuse provides bullying prevention education in area schools through their 12-week anti-bullying curriculum.

The Center for Youth and Family Solutions: Family Counseling Program
Through providing counseling to families who would not otherwise be able to afford it, this program is improving the mental health of community members and therefore improving family stability.

Children’s Home Association of Illinois: HOPE Team
The HOPE Team provides a continuum of mental health services to residents in order to prevent further mental health crises and psychiatric hospitalizations, minimizing the negative effects on families.

Children’s Hospital of Illinois at OSF St. Francis: Cystic Fibrosis Center
The only accredited Cystic Fibrosis Center specializing in pediatric and adult Cystic Fibrosis care in Central Illinois, the Children’s Hospital is vital in helping regional Cystic Fibrosis patients live their healthiest possible lives.

Children’s Hospital of Illinois at OSF St. Francis: Resource Link
Resource Link increases access to psychiatry, counseling, and other mental healthcare, and helps increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the mental health system, diminishing the barriers to mental healthcare for low-income families.

Community Workshop and Training Center, Inc: Psychosocial Rehabilitation
To aid in the need for mental health services in the area, this program provides personalized treatment interventions to adults with psychiatric disabilities with the goal of recovery from mental illness.

Easter Seals of Central Illinois: Autism Diagnostic Specialist
The largest provider of diagnostic and treatment services for children with ASD, Easter Seals provides families with a diagnostic specialist who will create family-based, individualized treatment plans in order to reduce parental stress and increase overall health.

Easter Seals of Central Illinois: The P.L.A.Y. Project
Easter Seals P.L.A.Y. Project provides families with consultants/therapists to teach parents/caregivers how to provide intensive, individualized, play-based intervention services to their children with autism.

FamilyCore: Counseling Connections
Specifically providing services for at-risk families, FamilyCore aims to improve the lives of these families through low- to no-cost counseling, education, and case management promoting stability and healthy relationships.

George Washington Carver Center: Peoria Go Fit for Life!
Peoria GFL teaches children, teens, and adults the importance of living a healthy, active lifestyle through programs designed to prevent and/or manage behaviors that lead to obesity, heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

Greater Peoria Family YMCA: Youth Physical Activity/CATCH Kids Clun
The CATCH (Coordinated Approach To Child’s Heath) program enriches the lives of elementary school students and fighting the rising obesity levels by working toward establishing healthy eating and physical activity habits.

Heartland Community Health Clinic: Diabetic Case Management Services
In order to combat the increasing prevalence of diabetes in our region, Heartland is educating diabetic residents about the risks of diabetes, as well as teaching them how to better manage their health and lead healthier lives.

Hult Center for Healthy Living: Tooth or Consequences
This program teaches low-income, at-risk children the importance of good dental hygiene, as well as practical tips to encourage good brushing and flossing habits.

Hult Center for Healthy Living: Teen Talk
In an effort to combat increasing STI and teen pregnancy rates, the Hult Center provides comprehensive sexual health and reproductive education for 5th-9th graders.

Hult Center for Healthy Living: Healthy Heroes
Directed at low-income, at-risk youth, the Hult Center aims to provide a summer program to educated youth about dental health, asthma, obesity prevention, and mental health.

Hult Center for Healthy Living: Healthy Kids, Healthy Classrooms
This program educates 3rd grade students about their health through a targeted intervention program utilizing a health assessment tool.

Hult Center for Healthy Living: Cancer Nutrition and Wellness
Currently, the Hult Center, through this program, is the only non-profit organization in the area that provides individual nutritional counseling and healthy living exercise classes to cancer patients and survivors at no cost.

Hult Center for Healthy Living: Youth Mental Health Matters
Through collaborations with other local organizations, the Hult Center is educating youth and area teachers about mental health disorders, in order to increase knowledge, understanding, and identification of mental health disorders in students.

Planned Parenthood of Illinois: STI/HIV Education, Testing, and Treatment
In order to combat rising STI levels, Planned Parenthood provides low-cost STI/HIV testing and education about STI/HIV prevention

Tazwood Mental Health Center, Inc.: In-School Counseling Program
This program provides counseling to the East Peoria School District 86 students.

Tazewell County Resource Centers, Inc.: Sight Center Programs
TCRC provides examinations, rehabilitation, training, and outreach to help ensure individuals with visual impairments retain/regain their independence to allow individuals to pursue employment, increase their health and independence, and decrease the risk of poverty.